What’s Special the latest Avast Security Pro brought for Mac Version 9?                         

Avast Antivirus! You must have heard about this internet security software because of the swiftly increasing popularity of this brand. This widely appreciated and used antivirus program is developed to perform effectively on various platforms including Windows, Android as well as Mac OS. Avast security is consists of many free products that offers a wide range of services like browser security, computer security, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-spam and antivirus software firewall. Thus, listed as one of the most popular protection programs that is holding a large share in the digital market

Avast Antivirus Support

Avast Antivirus Support

Recently Launched Avast Security Pro

The manufacturers of Avast has launched a new antivirus product for Mac Version 9 recently. Alike number of other security products under this brand, this latest launched software is also available for free. Via the medium of this blog, we, the certified and highly-qualified Avast Antivirus Customer Support executives are going to inform you about its key features which are responsible for making it different from the previous versions. So let’s start with its key features that are as follows:

Pricing & Operating System Support:

The recently launched ‘Avast Security Pro’ supports Mac OS versions back to 10.9 Mavericks, delivering complete protection against all kinds of threats freely. If you are a non-commercial user, then the free edition can help you but in case of protection for businesses, you have to purchase a paid version. Cost: Avast Secure Pro can easily be get at a cost of $59.99 per year for one license and for three licenses it simply costs $69.99.

Good Malware Protection Scores:

When compared with number of other antivirus products in the testing labs, Avast Secure Pro has founded to be better from all of the other Avast Security products with a score of 99.9% protection against the Mac malware. Though some of other security products are good when utilized for Windows operating system but they lag behind in supporting Mac.

Scan Choices:

Avast has offered a number of scan choices to improve the security of Mac devices. This antivirus software has shown a quite swift performance in comparison of the other protection products, as it completes the scanning process in accurate 14 minutes whereas the other may take a time period of 18 minutes. On an average approximately 24 minutes is the time span required by other security programs for full scanning of the device. Using Avast security, the customers can easily schedule scans on daily, weekly or monthly basis, according to their needs.

Network Security Scan:

A number of scans offered by Avast Antivirus Security includes not only securing the systems but also the networks. As in the final scanning, it gathers the information related to all the systems on the network and then flags the issues of security.

Basic Password Manager:

Alike the Avast’s Windows Antivirus, this security product also incorporates a feature of managing the passwords. But the dissimilarity is that for Windows operating system it was included in the antivirus program itself, however for Mac OS it comes as a different app. The users can sync a wide range of devices irrespective of their number.  The software never keeps the password in cloud, and make use of an authorized account as a substitute for the storage of local data on the devices.

Though Avast Security Pro includes a wide range of pros yet there are some essential points that (being a user) you need to keep in mind in order to avoid the following:

Phishing Protection:

This free security edition score poor marks in delivering a protection against the phishing. Thus making it easy for the phishing attacks to hit the platform.


Several AV comparatives has certified the aforementioned Avast Antivirus Security to be a really operative Mac antivirus rendering a network scanner & password manager as its advance key features. And these comparatives has also given high scores to this software for offering a better performance in terms of speed, scanning, and security.

If want to know more about latest Avast Security Pro or any other antivirus product or version, straightforwardly contact the certified experts and knowledgeable customer service executives on Toll-free Avast Antivirus Support Phone Number – 1800-012-720. They will provide you with each and every information, help you are in need of. You can also get connect with them if you want to install, reinstall, update, upgrade, renew, configure, set up your Avast Security on any type of Operating System including Windows, Android or Mac OS.

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