What all You Must Know about Gmail Account is Available in Guide Shared by ZoneAlarm Support?

Being used by a large number of people globally, Gmail has become one of the widely recognized email services. And almost every new-comer to the internet wants to use this service. Thus, the certified ZoneAlarm Support executives having great skills are here to offer essential info regarding the Gmail Account. Because according to the experience of these professional techies – you must know almost every fact about the app that you want to go for, regardless you are using it for the first time or else.

So, let’s open up the useful guide shared by the proficient ZoneAlarm Support engineers. The experts start with telling that for obtaining a Gmail Account, you are required to begin with the creation of Google Account. Whenever you click the ‘Gmail Sign Up’ button for the first time, you will be redirected to the ‘Google Sign Up’ where you will be asked to enter your basic details such as your birth date, name, location, gender, etc. Now you can set a Gmail Account and once the account gets created, it will support you to add your contacts and begin receiving and sending the emails.

ZoneAlarm experts clear that there is no need to activate the account.

Some Attractive Gmail Features shared by ZoneAlarm Support professionals

  • With the intention of helping you to back up and safeguard your important files, the Gmail service offers a free storage termed as Google drive. Sending the essential files via the medium of email is very easy as here you have to send them in form of simple attachments linked to your email.
  • The upgraded edition of this service supports you to isolate the emails reaching in your inbox according to the categories. ZoneAlarm experts have thrown light on the three tabs – social, promotions & updates.
  • It even permits you to customize the Gmail screen according to your choice. A number of themes along with different colors, fonts, etc. using which you can change the appearance of your Gmail display.
  • The hangout option for this service supports you to chat with your friends, relatives. If you want to send the same message to a number of people, then the option provided by Gmail is to create a Group. This will allow you to send the same message to the list of people.
  • ZoneAlarm Experts happily explain that the Gmail Service also allows you to enjoy video calling with your family members, friends, and others.
  • The Hangout lets you to start a webinar that too without any charge.
  • Last but the most important feature is that log-in into multiple accounts is possible from the only system you are using means there is no need to look for another device to open your other accounts. Using Gmail will permit you to sign-in and handle multiple accounts without log-out from the account that you are using at present.

If want to learn ‘how you can manage multiple accounts by signing-in to a single account?’ consult our ZoneAlarm Technical Support professionals.

Common Issues Related to your Gmail Account:

Due to a variety of advanced features, it is obvious to encounter technical issues with this service. Some common problems searched by our ZoneAlarm Support techies are given below:

Server issue

Gmail username and password problem

Issues related to Spam emails

Unable to receive or send emails

Hackers have attacked the account

Protection problems associated with your account

Unable to open up your Gmail Account

Security checks get fail

Unable to update your contacts details

Unknowingly or accidentally deletion of vital email.

Don’t worry, if any of the issues is interrupting your working experience as you are with us. Our ZoneAlarm Technical Support professionals are expert in fixing all such problems instantly without any mistake.

The Specialties of our ZoneAlarm Technical Support Experts

  • Our experts are proficient in offering account recovery help to the customers.
  • We are available with 24×7 ZoneAlarm support for password related issues.
  • ZoneAlarm Technical Support professionals are here to offer solutions for your blocked or hacked Gmail account.
  • We can easily fix the issues related to the email attachment.
  • We provide ZoneAlarm Support for the safety of your online privacy.

How can you contact ZoneAlarm Technical Support?

  • By emailing us
  • By Live Chatting with our ZoneAlarm Support techies
  • By dialing the ZoneAlarm Technical Support Phone Number – 1800-012-720

Gmail is a service with a variety of amazing features that allow a user-friendly interaction and a well working experience. So, what else are you looking for? Become an amateur at using the astonishing mailing service with help of the certified professionals of our firm. Consult us at any phase, regardless it is a day or night, even Sunday or Monday because our ZoneAlarm Antivirus Support techies are happy to help you always. Reach us any time (24×7) according to your choice and comfort, we are the workers of a reliable, dedicated, and experienced firm named as Pc experts Help who aims at building the error-free digital world.

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