McAfee Support – Easiest yet Strongest Ways to Safeguard Your Phone’s Data

Your arrival at this page shows that you are serious about the security of your phone’s data. Now relax & feel happy as here you’ll be able to obtain all the necessary information required to keep your mobile gadgets safe & secure.

 When it comes to the security & privacy of smartphones, you for sure belong to any of the two major categories:

 Category 1: Your phone holds precious data & you deeply care about this smart device.

 Category 2: You don’t know that your phone’s security is really vital & you are exposed to having the valuable information stolen.

 Whether you are in category 1 or category 2, this article by certified McAfee Technical Support experts will show the easiest way to:

  •  Get aware of the vulnerabilities floating around your mobile phone & its data
  • And keep your device & data safe & secure.

 Hope, you must be familiar with ‘how vital your personal details such as photos, location, emails are’. Now, think – what will happen if these details get into the hands of strangers. All your experience of enjoying with memorable images, well-organized work documents, & more turns into a threatening reality. Yep! The hackers or any other untrustworthy personality can steal & misuse your personal information to spoil your reputation or make your bank accounts empty. Hence, keeping your details secure is as important as safeguarding your jewelry from the robbers.     

 Undoubtedly, the built-in security settings for phones are beneficial but to a small extent. These basic protection features for your mobile gadgets can be pinched by anyone, even who don’t have any advanced technical skills. Hence, to ensure complete safety, there is a need for enforcing some extra security layers.       

 This is what the McAfee Customer Support experts have the plan to proffer you in this blog: all the essential things that should be considered right now to keep your phone & data safe.  

 Easiest Ways to Safeguard Your Smartphone’s Data

  1.  Activate Screen Lock: Today, every phone has a feature of auto-locking itself. You should utilize this in a better way. The time your device takes to get locked once leave untouched should be 30 seconds. With it, enforce the automatic wiping of your phone after 8-10 failed attempts. This is to ensure comprehensive protection even when you lose or forget your smartphone at a café, stationery shop, or any other location & the stranger who access it is able to open the lock. Some advantageous recommendations in regards to setting the lock on your smart gadgets are:
  •  Try to avoid using the PIN as your password because these are the easiest to be broken by the hackers.
  • Implement the unique, strongest, and complicated pattern
  • In most of the cases (whenever possible), prefer setting up the fingerprint or other biometric passwords.    

    2.  Mind Your Apps: In the past years, the smartphone market underwent huge innovations. Today, near about every person owns a phone & it’s incredibly beneficial to develop a mobile app. At the same time, security decayed & couldn’t sustain. Companies started focusing on marketing more than safeguarding their clients’ data. Some effective tips you can implement regarding apps in order to reduce the chances of being infected are as follows:

  • When it comes to downloading and installing the apps, always prefer the official websites or app stores.
  • Keep the option ‘Allow downloading or installation of third-party apps’ disabled.
  • Have a habit of checking the permissions (terms & conditions) for the installed applications.
  • Execute a deep cleanup of the apps existing or about to exist on your system.
  • Check out if any app is consuming more battery, memory or data.
  • Gain a most vital habit of keeping your apps up-to-date.

  3.  Be cautious when it comes to web browsing: This is also another major step in ensuring the comprehensive safety of your phone. Actually, the internet is full of a number of threats that are ready to attack us whenever we are online. Hence, there is a great need to execute our online tasks with great care in order to prevent being victim to these prepared & nasty dangers. Some of the precautionary measures that you must follow in order to attain the safe browsing experience are:

  •  Install ads blocker: This will help you in blocking the ads that are not just frustrating but harmful as well.
  • Blocking pop-ups: This will aid you in preventing the sudden appearance of pop-ups that are annoying and can take you to the malicious websites. For blocking pop-ups in Google Chrome, you have to follow the steps: Go to Settings, then Site Settings followed by Pop-ups and at last, ensure that the Blocked option is ‘ON’.
  • Be careful about tapping your screen: Don’t commit mistakes of clicking the suspicious ads or links that can inject a number of threats into your device.

 Conclusion: Not having the latest phone or the state-of-the-art operating system? Don’t worry as you can still keep it safe. The only thing that is important is the way you use that phone. So, develop the habits of following the aforementioned safety tips. Hopefully, these essential tips by experienced & knowledgeable McAfee Tech Support professionals will help you in extending the lifespan of your smartphone. For more information or clearing any doubt, contact the certified professionals by dialing the toll-free helpline number – 1800-012-720.

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