McAfee Antivirus: Must know facts

For some of us there isn’t a moment in our daily routines to spare for some trivial chores but which have a cumulative impact. For instance, running a fully system virus scan of your PC. It won’t be a stretch to say that most of us never even open the application for we believe that by merely adding an antivirus makes our system immune.

McAfee Customer support

McAfee Customer support

We all live life in the fast lane so to speak, most people would claim to be too busy for trivial and would often overlook chores which were seen to be important once . Second thing that remains ignored is performing virus scan for your PC. Most of us never even open the app due to our blissful assumption of the fact that if the PC running fine then there can’t be a virus. Another common misconception is that once you buy a McAfee Antivirus or any other for that matter, you are safe for ever without the need to update or renew the software subscription.

We at McAfee Customer support strongly believe that such awareness will be important when a virus finally makes an appearances; people mostly rely on computers so much these days that any data loss caused by a virus could lead to a load of problems. Unless the user has backed up their data, documents such budgeting spreadsheets and important letters could be lost, while any passwords saved into the browser would also be at risk. Most of this data can be replaced, however not without significant trouble; the user can write new copies of any documents, while passwords can be reset granted that the same email address is still being used.

At McAfee tech support, every day we get calls from distressed users who are baffled that their PC got infected even though they had the Antivirus installed. The funny thing is, even businesses, where data loss can be terribly problematic to accounting as well as service delivery, often ignore the possibility of viruses.

 The risk to a business is far greater than an individual, as any computer or network downtime can have a detrimental effect on productivity, and ultimately turnover. Even though there is 24 hours McAfee Antivirus customer support, there are certain things that users have to do on their end.

At customer support we tend to keep informing users that updating McAfee anti-virus Software and scanning regularly doesn’t have to be a chore; these processes can be run in the background while working, and McAfee Antivirus has the option to change whether it is a quick, resource-intensive scan, or a slower scan, which leaves resources free so that users can continue to work while the Software performs the scan. McAfee support via phone or chat is available 24×7.

While scanning for viruses may not seem like an important task, at McAfee customer support we can tell there are so many potential issues which can arise from a virus infecting a computer system that it is good practice to scan regularly. As far as malwares are concerned, there are plenty of ways they can make your life difficult. They include:

A Spyware is much like a virus or malware infection but rather than just disabling your computer it is meant to steal information from your computer. Hackers and identity thieves will use spyware to infect a computer and then gather information from it- names, passwords, credit card numbers, account log-ins, phone numbers, addresses, and any other information you have stored on your computer. They can then take that information and try to steal your identity and open lines of credit in your name, hack your credit cards and bank accounts, and cause all sorts of devastation for you and your family. McAfee Customer Support will be there to answer your queries such as installing, uninstalling and updating.

Everyone with a computer has faced and knows what spam is. It floods our email inboxes and clutters up websites and webpages we are trying to read. But where does it come from? Most spam is either some form of advertisement trying to get you to buy something or it is some form of a scam trying to get you to buy into something so someone can get money or information from you. Spam gets to you when someone is able to get a hold of your email address or log in information and when they can see what you are shopping for, the pages you visit online, and what your hobbies are. They then craft advertisements or scams targeting those interests and send them out in mass emails to everyone they have information on.

In summary, having McAfee Antivirus doesn’t guaranties the customer that the software will support their needs without updating, scanning or renewing it.

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