5 Important Security Tips from Trend Micro Antivirus Support

In the world of technology, computers are integral part of daily life. Technology has given several options to us for the ease of completing a task. Earlier, computer was only available to perform calculation or communication work. However, in today’s world, a number of latest gadgets are launched in the market like smartphones, tablets, notepads. This advancement of technology has helped a lot in operation of these electronic devices. Its very easy to carry out them as they are light in weight and easily portable. But, the major concern over here is the security of the devices. Security is very important from malwares, virus, online threats and cyber criminals. Here in this blog, experts of Trend Micro Antivirus Support have given some vital tips to deal with it.

Trend Micro Antivirus Support

Check it out and don’t forget to follow these steps:

  1. Trend Micro Antivirus Software is a MUST

Antivirus Software is very important for the safety of the computer device. One can secure the device from all sort of malwares, virus and infections by the safety features of the Trend Micro. Simply, install it in a proper manner and get assistance from the Trend Micro Technical Support. Team will help you in every phase whether installation, setup or its usage. Don’t believe any blog or news saying you don’t require antivirus, as it slows down the PC, and so on. It must be installed as well as be up-to-date for best security of the device.

  1. Enable Firewall

The Firewall service needs to be enabled too, integrated with the Antivirus Software. This will block external traffic that is dangerous for the network from entering and also helps to forward only genuine traffic out of the network. Make sure that the firewall is activated and pass only to relevant traffic. Firewall is one of the initial stages of security from the online threats.

  1. Never use Pirated Software

Pirated software is one of the major sources of the malware, infection and especially virus to reach inside the device. Some users install pirated Operating Systems in their device for saving money. But this leads to serious issues in the later stages of the device use. You will never know what trouble can arise out of it.

  1. Never Avoid OS Security Updates

Make habit to update the OS as well as the apps installed in the device. Whenever any update is offered from the company, always get the app updated. Update helps to enhance the features of the device, that were not earlier present with the device. Allow automatic updates to work by default. Every software update is significant. In most scenarios, update helps in fixing bugs, security issues and improves internet security.

  1. Avoid Free Wi-Fi     

Free Wi-Fi is liked by everyone whether travelling via metro or enjoying lunch at a restaurant. This Wi-Fi can be accessed by hackers also and anyone connected to it can be attacked. Avoid taking the service of public Wi-Fi and if it is important then use VPN connection. VPN makes public connection to private connection for better security.

From the above tips, it can be concluded that security is very important in todays technical era. It can be achieved by a little awareness and guidance from the team of Trend Micro Customer Support.

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